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So, you’ve read some papers on this site and think that you would like to try MetaBoss in action. Well, MetaBoss can be downloaded

free of charge, so there is nothing really to stop you from discovering MetaBoss further. Simply read and follow our installation instructions. 

Latest News

Thu Dec 15, 2005

This is minor bug fixes and feature enhancements release. The main change is the ability to place Message elements in the Data Dictionaries where they can be referenced by many Operations from unrelated Services. 

Tue Oct 25, 2005

This is the major feature enhancement release. The main new feature is the ability to model and generate support for events - the unsolicited asyncroneous messages produced by servers and consumed by clients.

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New Standard of System Modelling

As the business owner, you want the fruits of your IT investment to last longer and not be trapped in expensive and never-ending software redevelopment cycle. One of the underlying principles MetaBoss is built on is that the business domain and the business processes do not change as often and as radically as the information technologies do.

According to this principle, MetaBoss is facilitating the creation of software systems via technology independent modelling of business domains and processes.

Why Choose MetaBoss
The powerful system with low cost licensing model
MetaBoss Basics
Based on the Enterprise Model

Of course MetaBoss has competitors. The Model Driven Design and Development ideas have been in the public domain for some time. Many standards have been published and some tools have appeared on the market over the last few years. However, we happen to believe that MetaBoss is offering better value proposition than many of its competitors (certainly all the ones we know about).

MetaBoss is an integrated suite of tools for the design, development, testing and management of the software systems through modelling.  MetaBoss software model provides abstraction of technological aspects of systems, such as deployment aspects, distribution aspects and storage technology aspects. In this model hand-coded pieces of Java code do not contain technology related processing and application developer only has to worry about actual business logic.

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