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Thu Dec 15, 2005

This is minor bug fixes and feature enhancements release. The main change is the ability to place Message elements in the Data Dictionaries where they can be referenced by many Operations from unrelated Services. 

Tue Oct 25, 2005

This is the major feature enhancement release. The main new feature is the ability to model and generate support for events - the unsolicited asyncroneous messages produced by servers and consumed by clients.

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Testing Framework

Testing in Metaboss

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Date:  Wed Dec 07, 2005 05:37 PM
Subject:  Re: Testing in Metaboss

Hi Martin!

I will try to answer your questions below.

Q1. Can you auto generate your test scripts and maintenance data xml templates for a project.

A1. I will use AlmaMater as an example (MetaBoss beginner example located in MetaBoss/examples/AlmaMater)

- The maintenance scripts are generated per domain or system (ie. all domains in the system).
The ant file task which is responcible for generation can be found in the MetaBoss/examples/AlmaMater/build.xml file.
The task name is 'maintenancescripts'

- Two kinds of maintenance test scripts are generated.

'populateall' scripts are located in the MetaBoss/examples/AlmaMater/Release/maintenance/populateall
directory. They allow to to populate database via DomainSupport services. The only thing the user
should do is to fill up the data in the data files located in the MetaBoss/examples/AlmaMater/Release/maintenance/datatemplates
(scripts include these files when they run)

'deletall' scripts are located in the MetaBoss/examples/AlmaMater/Release/maintenance/deleteall
directory. They allow to to clean up the database via DomainSupport services.

- All other test scenarios must be handcoded

Q2. The relevance of the instance id's ( ie. 0-1-rv ), ( how are the following id's created ? )

A2. Each entity always has auto generated attribute called InstanceId. It is always nominated as the primary key.
You do not have declare it in the model it will appear in generated code and database tables automatically.
'0-1-rv' is an example of the value of such InstanceId field. In addition designers are encouraged to model
'natural primary keys' in their entities. For example AccountNumber attribute would be a natuaral primary key
in the Client entity. Such 'natural primary key' becomes unique constraint in the database.

Q3. The Testing Simulator.

A3. Not sure what is the question, but still would like to give you some information.
The Simulator framework is designed for creation of the mock up implementations of the
business services. This framework allows to define responses to requests in xml or xsl files. In other
words the simulator framework sits on the 'other side of the fence'. The testing framework allows
to specify and run series of business service invocations (i.e. it deals with client behaviour)
whereas the simulation framework allows to specify behaviour of the servers.

Q4. A walk through of all the steps needed to set up your test harness and run via the simulator.

A4. I agree this is missing and in the short term you need to do your own investigation. The best
place to look is the HatMaker example which comes prebuilt in the MetaBoss/examples/HatMaker. I will try
to list points of interest below.

- The testing related stuff is located in the MetaBoss/examples/HatMaker/SystemTest

- The MetaBoss/examples/HatMaker/SystemTest/test.xml ant file contains examples of how the test can be run

- The MetaBoss/examples/HatMaker/SystemTest/testscenario subdirectory contains test definitions

- The MetaBoss/examples/HatMaker/SystemTest/properties subdirectory contains various
sets of configuration property files. These files are used to configure the way the components are deployed.

- The MetaBoss/examples/HatMaker/SystemTest/testlogs subdirectory contains logs of the actual test runs.
These tests are run every time MetaBoss is released and form an important part of the regression testing

- The MetaBoss/examples/HatMaker/SystemTest/simulatordata subdirectory contains the example
of the server simulator definition. As you can see you can define responses to each and every service call.

I hope my answers will help with your familiarisation.

Thank you for your interest in MetaBoss.

Kind regards

Martin Kearns

Date:  Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:20 AM
Subject:  Testing in Metaboss

Hi All,

I have begun investigating the testing framework within metaboss, reading all the documentation on the test projects. I am still a little unsure about the following areas.

Any advice on any of the following will be appreciated.

1. Can you auto generate your test scripts and maintenance data xml templates for a project.

2. The relevance of the instance id's ( ie. 0-1-rv ), ( how are the following id's created ? )

3. The Testing Simulator.

4. A walk through of all the steps needed to set up your test harness and run via the simulator.


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